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Thank you for your interest in Air Navigation. Air Navigation was developed with General Aviation in mind, however it was quickly adopted by pilots of various flying vehicles including paragliders, gliders, ultra light, single or multi-engine airplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons.


What's New on version 6.1

See what's new on the version of Air Navigation Pro for iOS.


A little intro to the world of Air Navigation Pro.

Air Navigation overview

Explore all menus and get all the info regarding every feature of Air Navigation Pro.

Xample Services

Learn about Xample Services and how to optimise your flight with it.

Air Navigation Manager

Using Air Navigation Pro in an airclub or enterprise? Learn how to share flight information within a group of colleagues or members.

Start flying with Air Navigation Pro

Quickstart guide.

Personal data management

Learn how to back-up your information, upload personal data to the app and more.


Rainy day? Learn how to use Air Navigation Pro with your favorite Flight Simulator.

External devices

Take Air Navigation Pro to the next level by connecting different data receivers.

Getting support

Contact us.

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